Video: this is how the streets of Monaco are prepared to welcome Formula 1

After a year of absence, the Monaco Grand Prix prepare your return. The coronavirus pandemic made the most important and most famous race on the calendar of the Formula 1 will be absent from the championship. The streets of the principality are already being prepared for the arrival of the Grand Prix and the Monaco Automobile Club showed it in a video.

There is just over a month to go before the Monaco Grand Prix takes place. The weekend of May 23 will be the day that the streets of the principality receive Formula 1. However, the preparation of the race has already begun since a few weeks before they will receive the ‘Historical Grand Prize‘, with vintage cars of the highest category.

On the other hand, the route will receive a resurfacing and conditioning. The grandstands will also be placed in the streets, the boxes of each of the teams will be set up, which will be located on an alternate street to the main avenue of Monaco. In a video you can see how the workers in Monaco are already doing their jobs to leave the circuit in the best conditions.

Monaco Grand Prix

The race on the streets of the principality of Monaco has been carried out since the first Formula 1 championship, in 1950. The event was absent from the calendar four times. In 1951, 1953, 1954 and 2020 were the years in which the race did not go ahead. The last one was due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the entire championship.

The last winner, in 2019 was nothing more and nothing less than Lewis hamilton. The most winner in the history of the race is Ayrton senna. The Brazilian won six times. In addition, the team McLaren It is the most winning team on the streets of Monaco, having obtained 15 victories since the start of the championship.

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