Video: this is the extreme training that makes Sergio Pérez suffer

Sergio perez got off to a spectacular start with the team Red Bull. After a scare at the start of the race, the Mexican was able to come back from last position to finish fifth. This generated the congratulations of many of the leaders of the Austrian team, who began to be satisfied with the recruitment of Pérez to the team.

However, the Guadalajara driver continues to work hard to meet the challenges presented by the energy drink team. A few hours ago, a video was released in which you can see how he trains hard for next weekend’s race at the Imola circuit, his second test with Red Bull.

As is normal in the pilots of the Formula 1, the neck is the area that is most trained in the gym. In the video released today, the Mexican does extreme strength work with his arms and neck. There you can see that Pérez suffers a lot with the painful training, but he also shows the great resistance he has.

One of the hardest moments for the neck is the high speed decelerations that are caused by accidents or some very tight curves. The impact causes various parts of the body to be affected due to the G-Forces, which make the pilot go forward, severely affecting the neck of the athletes.

Bahrain Grand Prix

In the last Grand Prix, Pérez finished fifth and at times was at the height of his teammate, Max verstappen. «His driving has been very mature, he has shown his experience. He had a problem on the warm-up lap. But he kept his head very calm and he took control of the situation, “he said. Christian horner after the race.

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