Video: Why do Formula 1 drivers use their numbers?

The pilots of the Formula 1 They are usually identified by their unmistakable numbers. For instance: Lewis hamilton historically used the number 44. These figures are usually those that accompany all his achievements throughout his sports career. However, you never know what the real reason for the choice is. The official Formula 1 social media account revealed the mystery.

Several drivers were submitted to some questions by the category, and many were encouraged to answer the reason for using these numbers. Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, George Russell and Nicholas latifi it was the pilots who revealed the reasons for the choice.

The first to answer the question was Sebastian Vettel. The German said that the choice is due to a memory he had while racing in go-karts. “I wear number five because I had a very, very successful year in 2001 and I wore that number in the karting that I drove and won several races. Then I saw that Nigell Mansell I had a red five and from there I chose it ».

Then Fernando Alonso also showed his choice, commenting on why the number 14 is his favorite. «When I was 14 years old, on July 14 and with number 14 in the kart I was world champion. From that day on I had no doubts, 14 was going to be my number », Alonso competed with various numbers throughout his sporting career, including 8 and 5, with which he was champion for the first time.

Carlos Sainz, new pilot of FerrariHe also commented on his reasons for choosing number 55. “Carlos Sainz. One S is a five, and another S is the other five. That’s why 55. My favorite number is five. Sebastian Vettel already had the five, so I had to change and put this pun with my name and the fives.

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