Videos Natalie Nunn n8des leaked on twitter and reddit photos

After social media users tried to embroil her in the drama, the reality star quickly stepped in to clear things up. The Internet continues to analyze what may have led to PNB Rock’s tragic death. The Los Angeles Police Department is under scrutiny because such a high-profile murder took place in broad daylight, and social media has been a hot shot as they investigate. Locke’s girlfriend reportedly deleted her Instagram account after receiving a barrage of insults and cruel comments, but she’s not the only one at the center of the boycott.

MRandom News Videos Natalie Nunn n8des leaked on twitter and reddit photos

Bad Girls Club and Baddies South star Natalie Nunn was surprised to see her name go viral through an Instagram Story post. The photo featured a plate of chicken and waffles, leading many to believe she was doing something for PNB Rock.

“Thank you [praying hands emoji] God, Amen,” she wrote on the photo. One Twitter user retweeted the photo, adding, “Natalie Nunn was absolutely wrong to post that photo.” The person appeared to be hoping for some attention, but several people chimed in, putting the Reality TV stars are a little harder to include.

After Neighborhood Talk shared the photo, Nunn headed to the comments section to clear her name before things escalated.

“Guys, it makes me very sad that I don’t play a horrible situation like the one that happened to him at PNB,” she wrote. “I’ve never met him and I’m praying for his entire family and grieving loved ones…I was on the plane and the food served was chicken and waffles and I didn’t even think of that! If I’m offended I’m so sorry to anyone, it wasn’t my intention at all! [praying hands emoji] RIP PNB ROCK.”