The pack leaked of photos and videos of Aura Cristina Geithner in Onlyf

Colombian actress Aura Cristina Geithner spoke about her new project on La W. There she revealed the details of her transition from television to social media.

One of the most controversial topics is her recent participation in the OnlyF platform. Only on “The W” did she reveal the details of the content that she posted to her followers, as well as the sexy requests she constantly received.

“People who have been there know that they upload more content than I process on the Internet. I take care of underwear and transparencies, and suddenly they ask me on a personal level. Some I can participate, others not. I deal with sensuality and porn, but I’m not a porn star and I’m not willing to do that job, but I respect it, “said Ola Christina Geiser.

The 54-year-old actress often uses her publications to win over her followers. She even appeared on various social networks and said: “Today the world has changed and people must change with the world.”

In her dialogue, she also promised that she hopes to continue her popular and malicious musical projects, this genre has fascinated her since she was young, and she even released some singles.

She will also arrive in Cali with the stage, where she promised, “You will see the best of Aura Cristina Geithner”,

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