Vijay Gill SVP Engineering dea dand obituary, cause of death

Great Engineering Organizations as Products: Culture, Hiring, Leadership, Execution and Communication Architecture.
My job is to make everyone in the engineering organization successful and to solve the problems that hinder the team’s success.

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Manages all supplier contacts and product development for the AOL network. Responsible for all aspects of network technology for data centers, backbone networks, enterprise IT, operations engineering and related support functions.

In this white paper, we introduce Hierarchical SDN (HSDN), an architectural solution that enables hyperscaling through surprisingly small forwarding tables in network nodes. HSDN introduces a new paradigm for the forwarding and control plane, where all paths in the network are preset in the forwarding table, and labels identify the entire path and not just the destination. These properties of HSDN greatly simplify the construction of tunnels, enabling ECMP and any-to-any end-to-end TE best-case, which in turn results in extremely high network utilization with small buffers in switches. Pre-established tunnels make HSDN the ideal underlying infrastructure for seamless and lossless VM and VNF overlay mobility and excellent resiliency.