Viral: A meteor falls on the most active volcano in Indonesia

UNITED STATES.- Recently, one of the most amazing phenomena of recent times has been captured. A meteorite fell on him Merapi volcano on Indonesia and social media has gone crazy. This geological structure is considered the most active in the archipelago. For this reason, the internet has made viral this and it is not for less, because it is truly incredible.

In this sense, it has been reported that the video was captured on May 27, 2021. In it you can clearly see a bright flash in the security cameras. Thus, it is glimpsed how it passes through the planet’s atmosphere and impacts very close to the top of the volcano. But, although the video is not of good quality, there is also a photographic record of madness.

Gunarto Song, a local photographer, has taken on the task of photographing the volcano for the past few months. And apparently the structure located on the island of Java kept him a surprise. Well, being in the area, he had the opportunity to take some shots and then share them on his account. Instagram. Undeniably, these images have gone viral and have been around the world.

“Suddenly there was a bright beam of light as if it fell from above onto the top of the Merapi volcano. It was super bright and fast. This is an authentic photograph. I took a four-second exposure, ”Song told various local media. In addition, the photos were captured at night in the town of Batu Alien, which makes them more clear.

Without a doubt, nature gives us great moments, but Gunarto Song’s amazing work gives us the opportunity to enjoy them and keep them in our memory so we can review them. On the other hand, the volcano de Merapi registered its last eruption in 2010 causing 347 human deaths. In January 2021 it spewed ash and a river of lava down a hillside.