VIRAL: Dancer suffered memory loss but that’s how she reacted when hearing “Lake of the Swans”

NEW YORK, (United States) .- The video of Marta González Saldaña, also known as Marta Cinta, has moved the world. The woman who became the dancer Principal of the Ballet New York In the sixties, he starred in the recording that has gone viral on social networks, moving millions of users about the incredible story.

The images were recorded at the residence of Muro de Alcoi, in Alicante, where Cinta, remained as a patient of the Alzheimer’s disease. From his wheelchair, he begins to listen with his headphones to Swan Lake, the famous composition by Tchaikovsky. She immediately started moving her arms and raising her hands like wings. At the same time, her original performance by the then young dancer can be seen.

The video was shared on YouTube by the organization Music to wake up, attracting attention on social networks where it was also shared and commented on by the American actress Jennifer Garner and the Spanish Antonio Banderas. Since then he has accumulated millions of views and visits on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

“Our innate connection to music, movement and art is beautiful,” said actress Garner. Others commented on the reaction of Cinta who, despite suffering from the disease, emulated every step executed years ago on stage. I love the memory of the senses of Swan Lake of this ex-dancer, ”he added.

“35 years ago I was a dancer with the New York Ballet. Tchaicovsky’s music managed to outwit his Alzheimer’s. It’s been a year of this. Now on the occasion of his death, sharing these images serves as a deserved recognition of his art and passion, ”wrote Banderas on the social network Facebook. The mystery has clouded the news, because according to NPR there is no company known as the New York Ballet and New York City Ballet does not include González Saldaña as its former student.