Viral – Surveillance video shows Gil Ofarim at the hotel reception

A video of the musician Gil Ofarim causes a sensation. In it, the singer reports that he was insulted in an anti-Semitic way in a Leipzig hotel. A newly released surveillance video casts doubt on this version of events. Ofarim, however, reiterated his accusations.

Various media reports cast doubt on Jill Offalin’s explanation. He now says that this has never been a chain. This is about anti-Semitism. Surveillance footage from the Westin Leipzig has raised questions about Gil Ofarim’s account of the conflict there two weeks ago. According to multiple media reports, the musician did not wear the Star of David necklace that night.

However, Ofarim’s emotional message on Instagram indicated that he was insulted by anti-Semitism, but suppose he was attacked online. The video raises questions,” said Leipzig Volkswagen. A German publishing network linked to the newspaper said, “One of the videos shows that Gil Ofarim was excited when he checked in. “Due to data protection laws, the voice is missing, and the emotional reasons cannot be clarified. Scandal: Video of Evidence.”

For website subscribers, you can view hotel recordings without sound. The German News Agency (dpa) quoted a spokesperson for the Leipzig Public Prosecutor’s Office as saying on Sunday that the surveillance cameras had protected several videos but had not yet completed the evaluation. Since Ofarim posted his two-minute statement on Instagram in the early hours of October 5th, the statement has been viewed nearly 3.5 million times. He was obviously moved, explaining that he was often asked about anti-Semitism in Germany.

Then he recounted his experience and he emphasized what happened in society. “I stand here with my chain, one by one is the first choice,” he described the situation in the queue, showing the chain with stars. Someone in the corner shouted: “Pack your stars. Then Mr. W said: Pack your stars. Then he said, if I finish now, I can register. Really? Germany 2021”.

Many people expressed their solidarity with Gil Offalin, and there was a spontaneous demonstration against anti-Semitism in front of the hotel. The hotel hopes to save his reputation through inappropriate banners. All this has been a topic in the media in recent days. In addition, Gil Ofarim filed a complaint with the hotel staff a week ago. Investigators from the Saxon police went to Munich to question the musician.

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