Viral: The mystery about the fungi on Mars found by NASA is revealed, are they real?

UNITED STATES.- The POT continues to reveal amazing finds in Mars. The rover Perseverance it has captured really incredible images. And recently a series of photos about some assumptions has gone viral mushrooms that are very similar to those on Earth. For this reason, this mystery that has gone around the world through social networks was recently revealed. Are real?

Therefore, a study has detailed that the origin of some microorganisms that look like a kind of “Martian fungi” have spherical shapes. In addition, it has been highlighted that, the curious thing about all this is that they have “reappeared” after the rover itself destroyed them. “Fungi can grow without problems in intense radiation environments,” reveals the research.

In turn, they reported that based on the analysis of the images it is possible that “these Martian fungi emerge from the ground and increase in size.” Likewise, it was reported that what has been found seems to be a species of fungi-bacteria on the rover Perseverance. But while there are similarities to those on Earth, they do not imply that it is proof of life. “Movement, changes in shape and location do constitute a type of behavior and reaffirm the hypothesis that there is life on Mars,” the study infers.

Source: JPL-Caltech / Cornell / USGS.

Meanwhile, the scientific team concluded that some of these terrestrial organisms could survive on the Red Planet. “Given the likelihood that Earth has been seeding life on Mars, it would be very surprising if there was no Martian life.” Of course, despite all this, the intrigue about knowing if they are fungi or not continues and social networks explode. But Paul Myers, a developmental biologist at the University of Minnesota, was emphatic about it.

“To claim that mushrooms are sprouting all over Mars is an extraordinary claim that requires better evidence than an analysis of photographic morphology by a well-known maniac who has claimed, based on the same type of analysis, that he has seen fields of skulls in Mars. Could fungi get around these conditions? Perhaps, but the evidence for that is scarce, “said the expert.


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