Viral thread on Twitter proves that a Rattata would defeat Goku in Dragon Ball Super

In addition to being a true pop culture icon, Goku he is known for always looking for ever stronger opponents to face. However, something that many might not expect is that our dear Saiyan would be defeated by a simple Rattata.

Because that’s exactly what a Twitter user known as @hulkgamerxx, which in a Thread with more than 5,000 likes showed how it would be possible to Rattata to defeat Goku following all the rules of Pokémon games.

Initially, the fan explains that to defeat Goku, the Rattata would need a combination of two movements, Endeavor, which matches the target’s HP with the attacking Pokémon, and Quick Attack, which makes Rattata always attack first, regardless of his opponent’s speed.

Along with this combination of attacks, it would still be necessary to use an item called “Focus Sash”, Which has the effect of preventing a Pokémon from passing out if it has full HP, leaving it with 1 HP.

With everything ready, the fight would take place as follows. When attacking first, Goku theoretically it would do enough damage to defeat the Rattata, but thanks to the Focus Sash it would stay alive with 1 HP. Then the Rattata would use Endeavor to also reduce Goku’s HP to 1 and attack first with Quick Attack, defeating Goku and causing Vegeta also want to become a Pokémon.

Jokes aside, this combo of Endeavor, Quick Attack and Focus Sash is well known in the Pokémon community, and allows a Rattata to defeat almost any Pokémon regardless of its level.

The latest game in the main Pokémon series is Pokémon Sword and Shield, available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

As for Dragon Ball Super, although we still have no news about the return of his anime, the manga continues to gain new chapters every month, currently being in the second arc after the Tournament of Power.

You can watch all the episodes already released of the Dragon Ball Super anime through the Crunchyroll.

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