Virgil Hunter, Keyshia Cole’s father, dead – cause of death

I do get why social media can be so depressing . We see way too much. This shit don’t even be our problems. Kids passing, rapists being revealed, Keyshia cole done lost both her parents . bruh , we be picking up all these ppl pain… on top of our own shit.

Frankie Lance is known for appearing in Cole’s various reality shows and reportedly succumbed to years of struggle with drug addiction while celebrating her birthday. Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lons, died of drug overdose after a long struggle with drug addiction. Her family has confirmed to TMZ.

She is 61 years old. Frankie Lons is known for being the mother of the famous R&B female singer Keyshia Cole after appearing in various reality shows on Cole. Becoming a fan favorite, Frankie eventually won her own spin-off series called “Frankie and Neff”, along with Cole’s sister Nefertria Pugle. Cole’s sister Elite Noel was the first to announce the news, and she shared the news on her Instagram story.

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