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It shines like life does what literature does at its best: it returns life to what is no longer there, reflecting the life of the reader. But let the author talk about it. “Shine like life is a love letter to the adoptive mother. It is the story of an innocent fall into Disaffection, therefore of an expulsion, of a lost paradise.

It is not the story of a heartbreak, but the story of a loss. The writer is an adopted girl who loves her mother immensely. Then there is a primary wound and the mother no longer believes in her daughter’s love. Fracture upon fracture, misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, we reach a starry distance between the two, a daily pain, a daily rejection, until the catharsis of the last pages.

The writer sees the mother today with the eyes of an adult woman, not only as her own mother, but as an adult woman herself, with her story and her own pains and joys. When one stops seeing her mother exclusively as her own mother, one can finally “see” her as a separate, autonomous, and therefore all the more lovable being. Maria Grazia Calandrone.