Who is Wanda Miller Rogers? Kenny Rogers Wife – dead and Obituary

Country music icon Kenny Rogers’ wife, 54-year-old Wanda Miller Rogers, accompanied him for nearly three years. The couple were married on June 1, 1997 for more than 20 years and dated for five years before getting married. They built a good life together and are the proud parents of teenage identical twin boys Jordan and Justin.

Wanda Miller Rogers

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Everything about this “how did you meet” story makes you believe in destiny. During college, Wanda Miller worked as a hostess at the Pricci Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. She happened to be on shift the night Kenny Rogers came in for dinner. Rogers was dating that night. The blind date was unsuccessful. Later that night, Rogers called the restaurant and asked about Wanda.

He left the phone number to a colleague at Wanda. She told the Valdosta Daily Times, “I came in the next day and they all said,’Kenny Rogers called to ask you.’ At first, she didn’t believe her colleague and thought it was a joke, so She threw the phone away. After many persuasion, her colleague finally convinced her that it was true. She returned his call and they started dating. In an interview with People, Rogers shared: “Her smile The most beautiful. I just need to see her once. “

Charles and Tina Miller’s daughter, Wanda, was born and raised in Lands County, Georgia. She graduated from Valdosta High School in 1985 and has a twin sister, Tonya. Wanda and Tonya were born on November 6, 1966. The sisters graduated from high school in 1985. When Wanda and Rogers started dating, her parents were not excited.

In an interview with Fox News, Rogers admitted, “Her parents were two years younger than me, and they called me and said,’We want you to know that we don’t appreciate everything you do to our daughter.’ I said, First of all I don’t blame you. I don’t think I will either, but I will give you a promise. I will never lie to her or lie to you.” Rogers kept his promise to Wanda’s parents and they became Close friends.

Wanda and Kenny got married on June 1, 1997 in a ranch near Athens, Georgia. This is not the first marriage of the two. Wanda’s first marriage ended in 1994 and Rogers has four ex-wives. Rogers’ previous marriages included: Janice Gordon (1958 – 1960); Jean Rogers 1960 – 1963; Margot Anderson 1964 – 1976; and Marianne Gordon 1977 – 1993. He has three children with Marianne Gordon, daughter Carole and two sons Kenny Jr. and Christopher.

“I really love everyone I married. I have something special with each of them,” Rogers admitted. Nevertheless, his early marriage failed. As an active entertainer, he spent a lot of time away from home. Rogers claimed, “…when you walk too much or work too much, you lose contact.” The idol retired from the music industry in order to devote more time to Wanda and their son. Rogers claimed that he finally got it right. He shared with Contact Music, “I respect her very much… the boys are lucky to have her, and so am I.”

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