Wants to be an example: Mackenzie Dern seeks to empower women in MMA

Before achieving a spectacular victory in the UFC Vegas 23, Mackenzie dern it was forceful. The extraordinary fighter spoke with the press prior to her crossing with Nina Ansaroff, making it clear that she wants to be an example for women who seek to start in the MMA. Being the mother of a small daughter and having one of the best present in the company, she seeks to go further.

Therefore, a few hours ago, Dern He said: “I think it’s great and I’m very happy that it reaches more people. I think it’s even better that we’re both moms, so that’s really cool. I don’t know if it’s mom’s first recent fight, but I think a lot of women will be able to connect and identify their stories with us, and it may get some people interested and watching. MMA of women”.

“I hope the boys are happy that their girls get excited to see the girls fight, that they say, ‘Look at these girls. They are moms’ and things like that. I think it’s very, very good and we are going to put on a great show for everyone. I went into MMA because I wanted to shed more light on female jiu-jitsu, “he also summarized, making clear how his beginnings in the sport were.

At the same time, Mackenzie highlighted: “I felt that if I could represent jiu-jitsu and female jiu-jitsu on the big platform as UFC and show how efficient it is, that’s why I went into MMA. Besides that, becoming a mother, I wanted to show, and also inspire women, that we work hard, we have technique, we train hard and we can be moms, daughters, wives and all these other things and still we go and kick butt.

The after the fight

At the end of the contest, Mackenzie dern He maintained: «I feel very good, I am very happy really. I was tied for the most submissions in this submission and now I think that takes me higher. Nina is a great fighter, very respectful. Amanda too. They are the same team. He was in this division since I joined. We are both moms, we have a connection because of that.

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