Was it dangerous? Joanna Jedrzejczyk detailed what happened to her inflamed head

After being totally disfigured by Weili Zhang, Joanna Jedrzejczyk explained the image that traveled the world. It all happened at UFC 248, where the Chinese won a more than bloody and historic battle. There, the Polish ended up with a totally inflamed head, leaving one of the most viral images of all life in Mixed Martial Arts. In that sense, the loser detailed what happened.

Starting with his words, Jedrzejczyk He summarized: “People will go crazy ‘how is it possible, your head was so big, it was so swollen.’ Of course it was swollen, but something happened in my head and the blood was coming out but inside my skin. It was a bruise, but I have fought stronger fighters. I didn’t feel much power from the punches, but I know that Rose can outperform Weili Zhangalthough Weili is a powerful girl.

She is a very powerful girl. For me, it is 50/50. I wish you the best of luck to you both and I hope you take the strawweight division even higher than the last time I did it with Weili Zhang. But I feel like every time I step into the Octagon, I break another barrier and limits and records. I did it many times by winning the belt, defending the belt and now with doing great shows, “said the Pole.

Looking for another opportunity?

What’s more, Joanna he also dictated: “I know there are so many people who say ‘you lost, you have to prove it again.’ I tried it in my last fight, putting on a fucking show. Giving the closest fight in history. That’s the thing. Fight of the year, without gender, without weights. It’s the ticket to the next title fight. That’s the thing. I just don’t want to fight over anything anymore. That’s the thing.

“If I fight, I fight for big trophies and I don’t have to prove it to anyone. I want to get the winner of this fight. I will not stop. That’s what happens if you were losing fights by knockout or if you were losing fights by points and the difference was big, but it isn’t. I always do a show and the fights are very close, so I want to move on, “he concluded. Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

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