Waukesha christmas parade accident shooting today- Waukesha, Wisconsin parade evacuated – Video

Mayor says he just spoke with Waukesha PD.  Confirms a vehicle drove through a barricade at Xmas parade injuring multiple people. He says Waukesha PD to provide info on the PD’s Facebook page. Reilly does not believe there’s a current danger to the public.

BREAKING: Unconfirmed local reports indicate at least 30 injuries following a suspected car ramming attack, gunfire at the Waukesha, Wisconsin Holiday Parade.

Waukesha, Wisconsin. (WLNS)-Waukesha, Wisconsin. According to 6 news sister station CBS58, there are reports that someone opened fire, a car was speeding past the crowd, and the holiday parade has been evacuated.

The Waukesha police told 58 that they were in an “emergency situation” but did not have detailed information.

CBS reporters are working to confirm the injury report.

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