What a gesture! Lionel Messi gives away his shirt for a donation of vaccines against Covid-19

A gesture of Messi with the Chinese pharmacist Sinovac it caused all kinds of reactions in networks. The player of the Barcelona He wanted to have a gesture with the entity that sent 50,000 doses of vaccine to Conmebol. . In total, there were three shirts loaded with emotion and gratitude. In this way, the doses for the players were secured for the Copa América that will take place between June 11 and July 10.

«When announcing the 50,000 doses of vaccine for CONMEBOL, I want to tell you that the directors of Sinovac expressed their admiration for Lionel Messi, who willingly sent us 3 shirts for them. So he is also part of this achievement “, explained Gonzalo Belloso through his official Twitter account. The news was received with admiration by all fans of the Argentinian.

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