What did Joan Laporta think about the European Super League? “It’s just a question of money”

The program ‘Partidazo de COPE’ revived an interview of Joan Laporta when he was a candidate for the presidency of the Barcelona where it refers in a forceful way to the true reason for the European Super League. Although the leader admitted not having full knowledge of how this activity was going to be carried out, he assured that “It’s just a question of money”, his comment did not go unnoticed considering that Barcelona is part of the competition.

«I think that the European league takes on the football business. It is only a question of money. It is my personal opinion, from what I have been seeing what has come out, I do not have in-depth information on how it goes. be organized the competition, “he stressed Laporta in said interview. On several occasions, he highlighted the money factor in the creation of this tournament that now has the world of football in that continent in suspense.

«Not everything is money, maybe what football is and the essence of football is going to load so that a community is proud of its team. I think other alternatives could be sought, “he argued. The now president of the Barça team is now part of the European Super League, a fact that aroused the ire of some fans who regret his sudden change of opinion.


«Explain well to the culés and athletic that their teams have signed this project led by Florentino, that they then come up with strange stories that they are not the same ”, wrote a user in response to the interview. Stop dirtying Laporta, I know where the shots are going, Laporta has not signed anything, “said a follower who recalled that the process was contemplated in the previous presidency.

“I can understand that this is an evolution, but a closed competition with a select few (with a majority of English clubs by the way), where you do not descend and you have a guaranteed place. That is if the door is opened to 5 guest clubs », questioned Manel Barcells. The European Super League continues to generate controversy in networks and with the competent authorities that claim a solution.

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