What does William Tyrrell say? Frank Abbott is dead?

An investigation report indicated that a convicted sex offender did not report that the bushes near the place where William Tyrrell disappeared had a “special smell” because he did not want to be “guilty.”

Former grocer Yang Anderson, her son Dean and her daughter Shirley were asked about her relationship with Abbott when they testified in Taree’s court.

“He kept talking about the unpleasant smell around the Logans Crossing area. We said it could be a dead kangaroo … He said, ‘I know the difference between a dead kangaroo and a dead person,'” Anderson Said said in the investigation. .

Deputy Attorney Gerard Craddock asked Jan Anderson if Abbott had reported the mysterious smell to the police.

“He said, ‘no, no, no, I’m not going to do that … if there’s something up there, they’ll blame me,'” he said.

Police look “in the wrong place”

After William Tyrrell disappeared from Kendall on the north coast of New South Wales on September 12, 2014, when police searched the property of a washing machine repairman, the court also heard Abbott’s comment.

“Frank commented that he thought they found the wrong position for William Tyrrell, which seemed like a very strange comment,” Anderson said.

Dean Anderson described Abbott as a “dirty old man” who kept talking about how he “defeated Sydney’s murder charges” as if he were a “badge of honor.”

Ms. Anderson also told the court that her family “distrusted him” when she did odd jobs behind the store.

“He used to be very kid-friendly. When he was with kids, we felt like we didn’t trust him. We worked really hard to not let our children or grandchildren be with Frank,” she said.

Coroner Harriet Graham kept reminding Albert that he would have the opportunity to testify and focus on questioning witnesses rather than making statements.

Abbott is one of hundreds of persons of interest linked to the alleged murder of William Tyrrell, although no charges have been filed and no one has been arrested.

The investigation is expected to end next weekend and the results of the investigation will not be released until later.

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