What happened to bonnie and foxy in FNAF security breach?

The FNAF security breach is now out, and fans will ask Bonnie what happened and why Foxy is not in the latest Freddy game Five Nights.

Steel Wool’s latest work Freddy’s Five Nights is a terrible nightmare, even more terrifying than previous works. You are no longer limited to a safe room and a desk, but a little boy who needs to run at any time.

Fans seem to like the latest installment of the series, but there are some notable absences that make the community painful.

The comment in the game says that Glamrock Bonnie was replaced by Monty in FNAF Security Breach.

According to Reddit user DylanFallis, it is said that Five Nights of the famous Freddy animated rabbit has been discontinued. Monty replaced him and became so popular that the rabbit never returned.

The same Reddit user pointed out that Monty played the bass guitar, just like the fan’s favorite rabbit before. Freddy Fazbear mentioned that there are no more rabbits in the pizzeria, and sadly, he also said that he “missed him too much” in the Bonnie Bowl.

As for what happened to the rabbit, the only thing worth noting was his last appearance at Monti’s mini golf course.

There is no reason why Foxy is not in the FNAF security breach, but at least there are Easter eggs.

Rockstar Row has a collectible plush toy and a pop-up shop. However, unlike Bonnie, it is not clear whether this notorious pirate has a Glamrock version.

Some fans think that there is no Glamrock Foxy, and he was just replaced by Roxanne by the developer.

The latest “Fred Nights” game has not yet announced the DLC, but it was reportedly mentioned in an interview with Dawko (according to Reddit).

If the downloadable content does appear in the game, then many fans will be happy, because some people find the story to be unremarkable. This is because it does not provide all the answers, and some aspects feel incomplete.

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