What happened to david in Emmerdale – Does David die in Emmerdale? Is Matthew Wolfenden leaving?

Will David die in Emmerdale? Is Matthew Wolfenden leaving?

Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe was shot and killed in an episode of the ITV soap opera Friday night, but will he die? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

David (Matthew Wolfenden) is rushed to hospital and is in critical condition in the most recent scene in Emmerdale. Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hawkins) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) did everything they could to save the character from the ITV soap opera. But does this mean that Matthew, the actor who played David, will be leaving the role?

Thursday night’s episode ended with country villain Las Posner (Rob Jarvis) shooting after taking Victoria and Wendy hostage. The newcomer asked his ex-wife and his grandson’s mother to hand over the £ 50,000 that his mother had left Harry. As tension mounted at The Hop Entertainment Center, David managed to sneak in and hide under a table.

Unfortunately, his phone rang and the attacker discovered that there were others who could be taken hostage, but he was unaware that they had contacted the police.

When Wendy was trying to make her ex-lover realize that she was doing something wrong, she got a call and turned her back on him, causing three hostages to run towards him. Shots rang out across the city, and Victoria was caring for the wounded David when the episode began Friday night.

As the plot progressed, the couple confessed their love, David grew weaker and weaker and eventually passed out. Wendy checked his pulse and, in a second, the pulse dropped. If it doesn’t come out, David is more likely to die.

When Wendy tried to contact her ex-husband again, Victoria had already managed to support him. She hit him on the head with a fire extinguisher in her hand and the hostage escaped.

Will David Metcalfe die in Emmerdale?

As David continued to bleed from his injuries, Wendy left The Hop and told the armed police that they needed internal help. When they broke into the building, they found Victoria pressing on her wound and asked her to lift her hands.

She initially refused because she feared that David would die if she released her, but in the end she obeyed the authorities’ request. This could be fatal because David continued to bleed at an alarming rate, but soon paramedics started working for him.

The beloved character was taken to the hospital where Victoria and her son Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren Plant) and her father Eric Pollard (Chris Chitel) performing) waiting there to see if he can survive.

David was sent to the intensive care unit and when the nurse told her family that the next few hours were important for him to survive, they all burst into tears.

Jacob remembered being in the ambulance with his father and holding his hand, but said that David did not know he was with him.

Victoria tried to appease him, but it was not enough, and even she began to think that she would not succeed.

The ITV soap opera has not officially confirmed that the character will die in a shooting, so it is unknown if David will die.

However, to surprise the audience, the bosses of the past did not hide this information from the audience until the broadcast.

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