What happened to nightbird to the girl with cancer on agt? Jane Marczewski – Is dead or still alive?

When Jane Marczewski (aka Nightbirde) first appeared on the American Got Talent show at the start of the season’s audition, she immediately became a fan favorite.

Due to her poor health, her devastating withdrawal from the show touched many people, but she continued to spread happiness through her message of hope. Now her latest update makes fans happy by sharing a big milestone achievement.

In her Instagram Stories, Nightbirde reposted a screenshot of her Spotify page shared by one of her fans, showing that the Live Maple House Sessions version of her audition song “It’s OK” has officially reached over 4 million. of visits.

The singer-songwriter shared this photo with some fireworks to celebrate this song that has become a guiding light for many people since the audition.

This song was an original song that she wrote long before the performance, and it later became a hit song, ranking # 1 on American iTunes the day after her first audition aired.

She also recently celebrated other good news that her Instagram account with almost 900,000 followers of hers has now been officially verified.

The good news is that after an emotional post shared by AGT favorites, they mentioned that she “kept me in pieces.”

Before the semifinal of this season’s first episode, Nightbirde released a photo of a beautiful garden and attached a heartbreaking and moving poem, which is about recognizing difficulties in life and facing them.

The faithful admirer of the singer-songwriter felt the impact of the poem and the harsh philosophy of love that it embodies. One of them left a comment and said: “I am glad that this is not the only world, but a man, the world. At. We live in it. It’s difficult, painful, and sometimes dark. “

“You are so beautiful. Thank you for this poem, baby,” wrote another, and the third added, “At least you still see the beauty of the day. Flowers … [heart-shaped expression], for you and yours.” Family prayers “.

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