What is expected in the return of Marc Márquez: Will he win?

It was finally confirmed what all the fans of the world of MotoGP they were waiting. Marc Márquez He will officially compete in a Grand Prix again, after a nine-month wait and four operations on his shoulder. However, there will be many questions that will only be answered next week, when you go out to test in training.

Perhaps the quickest question that comes to the minds of fans and even Márquez himself, will be which driver we will meet. The Spaniard was away for a long time and physical condition will be a fundamental factor. On the other hand, we will have to see what will happen to his psychological state, which will fulfill a separate role: will there be fear of falling or will he go to the limit all weekend?

Why Portugal?

The circuit of Portimao is already familiar to Márquez. There, a few weeks ago he tried a RC213V-S, with a smaller cylinder capacity than the one that will be used next week on the same route. Perhaps that was the reason why the decision was made not to run the first two dates of the calendar: their rivals were going to have more filming in Qatar, and Márquez would waste a lot of time on them.


His rivals also learned during the nine months in which the Spaniard was not in the campaign. The youngest riders in the category no longer have the respect that they used to have for the most important champions, and they don’t hesitate when it comes to attacking, whoever is in front. For this reason, it will be very special to see Márquez again in a context in which he will not feel comfortable.

Will you win?

Nobody knows if Marc will win next weekend. But returning to compete, after the most important injury of his sports career, is already a victory for his mind. While Marquez was expected to be back this weekend, it was no surprise that he was ruled out by the Medical team. It only remains to wait a week and be able to see what the multi-champion shows on the track.

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