What is the “Milk Crate Challenge”? How many have died?

Because the viral load of Covid-19 patients is not high enough to overwhelm the emergency room, a new fad has spread that has caused many unwanted guests to show up in ambulances, emergency rooms, and operating rooms. . This is another viral “challenge”. In the dark age of social media, the first viral challenge was the “Ice Bucket” challenge.

This is a good method because it is relatively harmless, fun, and helps raise money for a good cause. In late summer 2014, this challenge included pouring a bucket of ice water on oneself, or having friends complete the honor and sharing the video on any fashion social network, with the goal of increasing visibility and raising funds for ELA. or ELA.

People of all ages, including young children, will dump the ice-filled water and announce how much they will donate to this rare but destructive neurological disease. Celebrities and athletes participate. Since 2014, more than $ 220 million has been raised to support ALS research and care around the world, all from the IceCube challenge. Humans can be good. Stupid, but good.

At the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, during the first surge in the United States, there was a slight viral increase in quarantine-related challenges, most of which were fairly harmless and short-lived. Some of these include pillow challenges, curve challenges, and patience challenges. These tend to last as long as normal children can handle challenges from patients, including Kylie Jenner’s son who waits patiently for chocolate when her mother leaves the room. He managed to wait a full 45 seconds. Over 68 million people watched the Patience Challenge video; Almost the same number of eligible Americans have been vaccinated by Pfizer since December 2020.

Other challenges are not so outstanding. Perhaps the most absurd is the “Tide Pod” challenge. People seem to eat Tide Pod (yes, detergent) in front of the camera out of excitement or defiance. Most of these videos have been removed because excitement is all the rage among teens. Watching these videos encourages teens to challenge each other and eat the harmful detergent that oozes out. To clarify, accidental ingestion (not to mention deliberate ingestion) can cause severe, even permanent, burns and scars in the mouth, respiratory tract, and esophagus. Young children have been found to accidentally chew on these colorful detergent bags because they look like colorful candy when sold at the market.

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