What will happen? Patricky Freire’s strong message about the knockout of Michael Chandler

The current champion of Bellator, Patricky Freire, sent a strong message to the UFC star. Michael chandler He was a figure in the aforementioned company, although he was also knocked out by the “Pitbull.” Therefore, in these hours, he himself remembered that moment and left interesting words about it. In that sense, many believe that a rematch should come between the two.

For the proper, Freire He began by saying, “My rivalry against Chandler it was personal. The same night he defeated my brother, he said he could beat my whole family. I made him pay for his words by knocking him unconscious inside the cage in a minute. Both casual and hardcore MMA fans should understand that it is the athlete that matters, not the organization.

“Many people are blind and only care about the UFC. That is the wrong way of thinking. The proof is that Michael chandler, from Bellator, he had such a devastating victory in his UFC debut against a highly ranked opponent. Chandler has just started. Seeing how dangerous it can be in the UFC further demonstrates the quality of Bellator fighters and what a good fighter I am, “he said.

Does not doubt himself

What’s more, Patricky He also commented: “I don’t respect any of the classification systems. I stopped paying attention. It is completely political. People sell their opinions. I’d rather not be included. The only way to know if one fighter is better than the other is to make them fight. No one is as dominant as I am at 145 pounds. I even went up to 155 pounds and beat the No. 4 fighter in the UFC. “

‘The classifications don’t make sense. If there’s one thing I do well, it’s rematches. I always come back better. I already beat Sánchez. I realize this is a new fight, but I’m looking to win as quickly as possible, with the least amount of damage, so I can be in the final. I am prepared for everything. I’m going for a new final “, concluded the champion of Bellator, Patricky Freire.

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