Whats happened to Lindsay Ellis? The ROYA TWEET viral twitter

On March 26th, Lindsay Ellis’ tweets about “Raya” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” got her into trouble because it caused the YouTube star to be “cancelled”.

Lindsay quickly stood up to defend his actions. Despite her mixed reactions on the Internet, it seems that YouTube’s personality is ready to take a bigger step.

On December 28th, Lindsay confirmed that she would leave YouTube.

On March 26th, Lindsay tweeted about “Eid al-Fitr” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and became the focus of attention. In a now-deleted tweet, she wrote: “I also watched Eid al-Fitr and The Last Dragon and needed to come up with a basically avatar-type name: the last son of the wind reduxes. Anyway, it’s just like the past few days. Half of all YA fantasies published in the year.”

Her tweet was strongly opposed, and in order to prove her statement was correct, Lindsay sent another tweet. She wrote: “If you squint, I can see that I am implying that all Asian-style properties are the same, especially if you already know those conversations where I haven’t seen them. But the basic framework of TLA is in Asia. Fantasy novels outside the subject matter are becoming more and more popular.”

Unfortunately, people are not satisfied with her statement, and strong opposition continues. Some Twitter users joined the trend of canceling the culture and called on Lindsay to speak her words.

On April 15, Lindsay posted a video called “Mask off” on her YouTube channel, in which she talked about her “cancellation.” In a video that lasted more than an hour and forty minutes, Lindsay emphasized the origin of the word “cancel” and how Twitter users developed the ideology of “the Twitter villain today”.

As the video continued, Lindsay shared her thoughts on being “cancelled” on Twitter. The YouTuber admitted that she sent one of the tweets in frustration because she was “attributed to non-existent intentions.”

She continued: “You shouldn’t tweet in the morning. You shouldn’t tweet at all. No one should tweet. The frustration of this very bad wording was met with greater anger.” In the video, Lin Sai also talked about her “crimes list” and continued to talk about her views on it. You can watch her entire video here.

On December 28th, Lindsay confirmed that she would leave YouTube. She posted a statement on Twitter that read: “Goodbye.” At the same time, she posted a longer statement on her Patreon page with the headline: “Leave Omelas.”

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