What’s new! League Of Legends Patch 11.8 and the most anticipated nerf

USA.- League of Legends has presented his patch 11.8 and of course a lot of news comes with it. First, the arrival of Gwen, the new champion who makes her way through normals and ranked. In addition, the nerf to Yorick and Tresh and the buff to Rammus, Aphelios or Lee Sin. Therefore, in the Intra News We will tell you all about these news.

Objects: Nerfs: Titanic Hydra and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Buffs: Frozen Heart. Settings: Moonstone Renewer, Shurelia’s Battlesong, Fluid Waters Staff, Hextech Rocket Belt, and Quimtech Purifier. Champions: Nerfs: Annie; Thresh; Gnar; Orianna; Yorick. The latter has been the most anticipated, as he was one of the most broken characters of all League of Legends.

Buffs: LeBlanc; Read without; Aphelios; Zac; Cassiopeia; Vladimir. Settings: Rammus rework; Dr Mundo (from jungle to top); Rumble (from medium to top); Jungles: Zed; Darius; Mordekaiser; Morgana; Diana. Error correction: LoL Client: Correction of the error that caused the social panel to flicker when loading the client; Bug that caused players to be unable to see specific stats for champions on their profile.

Source: League Of Legends on Twitter.

Gwen, the Consecrated Seamstress

The arrival of Gwen to LoL has caused a lot of reactions from the gamer community, as it has quickly become a headache for many and many. As with Viego, a large number of gamers have unleashed in normals and qualifiers with this champion, something that has been a real madness for better and for worse.

For now, it has quickly been placed as one of the most banned in the selection of champions and, even, you can see chats where the teams urgently ask not to federate it. For now League of Legends It continues to be renewed and with great news, since everything seems to indicate that it will begin its own Cinematic Universe, something that for the lolera community is fabulous news.

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