Wheelchair Rapunzel reddit, TikToker attempts to get Reddit ‘snark page’

Wheelchair user Rapunzel, who regularly shares news of her pregnancy with the world, has been bullied on social media for a variety of reasons. On sites like Reddit, social media users talk anonymously about their bodies, relationships, and even their unborn babies. However, the creator decided to speak out and recently attempted to delete the Reddit “snark page.”

MRandom News Wheelchair Rapunzel reddit, TikToker attempts to get Reddit ‘snark page’

Discussing how the allegations and bullying have led to mental health issues, anxiety, depression and loss of income, she posted a message on Instagram that read:

“It’s time for me to bring this up because it’s gone too far and it’s causing mental health issues, anxiety, depression, and loss of income due to inauthentic or misinterpretation of my media image/content. Also, making defamatory statements about me and people I’m connected to is affecting my career… as the Reddit page has over 5,400 members.

29-year-old social media influencer wheelchair Rapunzel, aka Alex Darcy, is known for her passion for body positivity. She continues to challenge stigma and beliefs about disability because she was born with type 2 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a progressive genetic disorder that causes muscle wasting and mobility problems.

Alex was born with only two years to live. But now she’s an entrepreneur, creating merchandise to raise awareness about people with disabilities.

Like most content creators, Rapunzel has spoken about being trolled and hated on social media. In the post, she also talks about how many Google docs on Reddit have been “exploited” and cost her career opportunities. she says:

“Google docs are meant to tell people how to ban me from getting a job. On top of that, my appearance, my disability, and my body are being mocked on an almost daily basis. People are plotting how to take my unborn child away from me.”

On the Reddit page Rapunzel was talking about, many people posted inappropriate photos of her without her consent. In addition, she claimed the site contained private information about her personal life leaked by her “friends” and carers. She also claimed that her sexual relationships were also discussed on the platform.