When will they be? Short races confirmed in Formula 1

This year there will be several regulatory changes to the Formula 1. This season will come the famous ‘sprint races’ or short races, which will make their first test in the category. In the last hours, the President of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, confirmed that they already have an agreement with the teams to test the new format in the next races.

The first Grand Prix in which the first test of Formula 1 would take place with this new competition mode, would be in Silverstone, in Great Britain. Rumors indicated that Canada, Brazil and Monza would be the places where the category would test the format. However, Domenicali said that the British circuit would be the debut venue.

Sprint racing

“What I can say is that Silverstone is going to organize a sprint race. We are finalizing the details. We do not want to take anything away from the prestige of Sunday’s Grand Prix race because that is still the highlight of the weekend, “Domenicali told the newspaper. Daily Mail. On the other hand, it was confirmed that he will pay the teams an amount of 400,000 dollars, due to the expenses of these tests.

“Qualifying would take place on Friday and then on Saturday we would qualify with the sprint race. That provides us with a significant event the day before the race. Bring more content to fans, the media, and televisions. The race will last approximately half an hour and there will be no podium ceremony. That only happens on Sundays, “added Domenicali.

On the other hand, the president of Formula 1 confirmed that the races will be scored for the 2021 season, although he did not confirm how much he will award. This will be confirmed in the next few weeks. The British Grand Prix will take place on July 18. Another of the details to be confirmed will be in which other Grand Prix races will be run.

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