Who drives better? The debut of Extreme E, the motorsport category in which men and women compete

This weekend the first date of the Extreme E. This new category has innovative modifications for the motor world. The first one is that it is one of the first categories that is necessarily mixed. Both men and women compete to find out who is the best driver in this modality, which is very similar to the most important rally championships.

The category has completely electric cars, since the main intention of the organizers is to raise awareness about the effects that fuels produce on the environment. In addition, it competes on tracks affected by different ecological problems. This weekend, on the first date, spectacular images were seen.

The winning team was Nico Rosberg, who was able to beat his great rival in Formula 1, the team of Lewis hamilton. However, many renowned drivers were present on the first date of the championship: Cristina Gutierrez, S├ębastien Loeb, Laia Sainz, Jenson Button or Carlos Sainz, were some illustrious names in the category.

In addition, there was one of the most spectacular accidents of the weekend. The German pilot, Claudia hurtgen, went to a high speed zone and spun in midair. This caused a great dust cloud. The race was red flagged for several minutes. Fortunately, Hurtgen was not seriously injured in the accident and made his own way out of the huge car.

Men vs women

The times that both men and women registered were very different. Both riders (who share a team) do one lap each, so there are several registrations. There are cases like that of Catie munnings, who had much faster lap times than his teammate, Timmy hansen. On the other hand, other pilots were superior to their female colleagues. So it cannot be said who won this time.

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