Who is Aisultana? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Who is Aisultana? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

The famous model enabled an exclusive web page in which users can subscribe by paying a monthly fee.

MRandom News Who is Aisultana? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Aisultana surprised all her followers on Instagram by posting a hot video in which she confirmed that her exclusive content page is now enabled. The famous model raised the temperature on social networks and mentioned that her page is now available, which will have a monthly subscription.

For now, the type of content that there will be has not been confirmed, because although generally this type of page is for more private, exclusive and ‘sensual’ photos and videos, the actress could take it for another meaning. On the website it is mentioned that they are exclusive videos and photos, as well as chats and conversations, but it does not specify in what way. “Finally! In my profile you find the link my beautiful people”, was the message that accompanied the video. The monthly subscription will work with the value of 1 dollar the first month and then 3 dollars each month, with a value of 3,800 and 11,500 Colombian pesos, approximately.


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