Who is Anllela Sagra? your pack of photos and leaked videos from Onlyf

In recent months, there have been many rumors about the new relationship between Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez and Instagram user and adult content creator Alleira Sagra.

According to various versions, the athlete may have ended his relationship with the model Shannon De Lima, so he has started a new relationship.

Anllela Sagra (@anllela_sagra) did not comment on it, but what is worth talking about rather than rumors is his slim figure and his content on the OnlyF platform.

His 13 million fans are loyal to his post and his life, and he has shared a lot in the digital arena.

As we all know, the model studied fashion design in Miami, but most of her income comes from the adult platform, and the subscription cost is around 97,000 Colombian pesos.

Here are some of the 250 popular photos she shared on the platform:

The sentimental life of the Colombian soccer player is the protagonist of speculation, because obviously his relationship with Shannon De Lima will end.

In addition to his sports career, James Rodríguez also aroused great public curiosity about his love life. After marrying Daniela Ospina (the mother of his eldest son Salomé) and subsequently divorcing, Cucuteño began dating Shannon de Lima in approximately 2018, but apparently their story ended.

Now it is speculated that a new protagonist has appeared in Rodríguez’s romantic life: she is the model and compatriot Anllela Sagra, because she is also from Cúcuta. So the question everyone is asking is: Has James said goodbye to the Venezuelan model and is now dating a Colombian?

According to Colombian media reports, James and Anlera had a relationship in 2018, but nothing happened. Now, the story will be relived after they meet again, although without any commitment. However, everyone wants to know who Anllela Sagra is.

She is known as a professional model and focuses on fitness. On his YouTube channel – his last video date is December 2020 – he said in 2016 that he has been training for about four or five years, which means that he will start between 2011 and 2012. Regarding the reason for his physical condition, he said: “Look at the changes. I’m very skinny. When I saw that I started to score, I said I would stay. “

She also posted her exercise video on her channel.

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