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A false alarm, Tony Armstrong fan: the man himself has confirmed that the newly opened OnlyFans account “for charity” in his name is absolutely irrelevant to him.

Just days after the beloved ABC sportswriter became popular for producing X-rated slides on radio, news briefly surfaced today that he opened an OnlyFans account.

The first post of the account reads: “Welcome to my OnlyFans. There is just a good atmosphere. I will post several times a week. All proceeds before the end of the month will be donated to the RCD Foundation, which is the Brain Raising Funds for the cancer research “.

So far, the account has provided fans with some candid selfies of Armstrong at home for just $ 4.99 a month. The creature says “He will give you what you don’t know you need ;-)”

But when Tony himself did not recognize the OnlyFans account on his public Twitter or Instagram page, people began to doubt, and his partner Osman Faruqi announced the news today on Twitter. However, OnlyFans accounts have a verified “tick”.

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