Who is Carmina Mora the new murderer of Dead by Daylight?

The new chapter of Dead by Daylight will see two new original characters join the frantic battle of horror.

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Today it was announced that Murder Portrait is the next chapter of Death by Daylight and will be released later this month. In the new YouTube trailer that reveals the new chapter, the murderer is a Chilean painter named Carmina Mora, and the survivor who joins them is the Mexican-American Jonah Vasquez.

The new assassin looked deadly, ink stains covered her pale face, this expression seemed to appear after she was rescued from suicide by a group of crows. On the other hand, Vázquez is actually a codebreaker employed by the CIA and has traveled to Chile to continue the investigation. You may be a bit more negotiating than you.

Like “Death by Daylight”, the new chapter means a new map to hide. Forsaken Boneyard is the name of the new map that accompanies Mora and Vasquez to Dead by Daylight, a dusty environment with spectacular crypts and a staggering number of crows.

After Hellraiser’s Pinhead entered the game in September, this is a new chapter in the Dead by Daylight adventure that returns to the original content.

Prior to this, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the Nemesis monster from “Resident Evil” entered the Behavior Interactive online horror game featuring the Raccoon City Police Department as a new map. In fact, late last month, just before Halloween, “Death by Daylight” added new skins to all three Resident Evil characters, outfitting two survivors in Chris and Claire Redfield costumes.