Who is Daisy Fuentes, the ex-girlfriend of Luis Miguel and Christian Castro?

The second season of Luis Miguel’s series has left endless questions Among his fans, the youngest ignore various situations in the singer’s private life, but one of those that drew attention was the appearance of Daisy Fuentes in the history.

In the series of Luis Miguel, Daisy Fuentes It stands out in a love triangle between Luis Miguel, she and Christian Castro, son of actress Verónica Castro and who once rivaled El Sol in popularity.

Who is Daisy Fuentes, the ex-girlfriend of Luis Miguel and Christian Castro?

Remember that Daisy Fuentes, who was a journalist, began a love affair with Luis Miguel after breaking up with Christian Castro, but there are few details of this relationship.

The paparazzi captured the couple on at least two occasions, the first between 1995 and 1998, when they broke up and he started dating Mariah Carey; and in 2010 when he ended up with Aracely Arámbula.

For 2011, Luis MIguel and Daisy Fuentes They went on vacation to La Paz, Baja California and were even seen eating at a seafood restaurant. One detail that stood out was that Luis Miguel decided to bring his own wine and not consume the local one.

Daisy Fuentes was one of the first MTV VJs

By the way, ever Daisy Fuentes She was a host of MTV Internacional in the 90s, where he made speeches in both English and Spanish.

There, he interviewed various celebrities and even had to exchange words with Leonardo Dicaprio, something he once bragged about.

She is a great businesswoman and found love again

In addition to being an MTV VJ, he served as model and actress, participating as an entertainer for programs such as the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

But how Daisy Fuentes she thought about her future, now she is also a businesswoman, she has her own brand makeup, watches, swimwear and clothing, as well as her own perfume.

As love was not alien to him, he decided to marry the singer Richard Marx since 2015 and is a happy couple to date.

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