Who is Danny Mullen American comedy YouTuber? And podcast in Reddit

Danny Mullen was born and raised in Orangeville, California. At age twenty, he worked as a waiter in San Francisco and Las Vegas, while writing comedies and side books. He has published three books, which are available for purchase on Amazon.

In 2017, he created the Dan ny Mullen YouTube channel. He first uploaded sketches that rarely attracted attention. When he turned to street videos and used Facebook as a way to share videos, he finally gained a following.

Danny uploads about 30 minutes of video once a week. Content includes public jokes, parodies, and documentary-style clips, such as his Worst Cities in America series. His videos often include members of his team, such as single stars Leandro Dottavio, Fan Jerry, Inland Iggy, Archangel Austin, and team photographer Nico Villacresses.

His videos usually focus on one theme as the main plot. The video is generally divided into several segments.

Danny is also a co-host of the Leo & Danny Show podcast, where he talks about videos and other things. Podcasts sometimes include guests.

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