Who is Digitalprincxss? Photos and videos leaked on onlyf

TikTok Digitalprincxss star arrested, allegedly left child alone outside

The influencer with millions of fans broke the law after being accused of neglecting children.

TikTok star Marrissa Cloutier also has an OnlyFans account. She is a veteran Twitch host who posts popular porn on Pornhub and calls herself Digitalprincxss. She was arrested on August 25 and charged with neglecting children after her 5-year-old son was found by a According to a report from the Fort Myers Police Department, she was crying outside her home. in Florida alone.

According to the USA Today online post, officials entered Clautier, 24’s home, and called her cell phone after finding the number on the form. She initially told the police officer that after convincing her son to go to sleep, she simply went to the 7-11 convenience store to buy washing powder, and there was no relative close to her other than her. take care of it.

But when she returned to her apartment, she did not receive a receipt for the half empty detergent container. She was wearing a black miniskirt and heavy makeup. Police wrote that they found it “not conducive to running to a convenience store overnight.” ” report.

After Cloutier announced her Miranda’s rights to her, she admitted that she had met a friend 11 miles away and that her mother, aunt and cousin lived near her. According to Insider, she admitted that she “made a mistake” – her home did not have a camera to monitor her son – and said “her anxiety caused her to lie.”

Authorities determined that her son had been alone for more than an hour within walking distance of wildlife, vehicle traffic and bodies of water.

After news of her arrest spread to social media, photos of her went viral on social media. Cloutier made her TikTok, Twitter and Instagram accounts private and she posted a video that had been removed since she was removed, telling Fans “a lot of things posted on the internet … have been released.” Context and very bad “.

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