Who is Donald Duck?

Donald Fauntleroy Duck (or Donald Duck) is a disney character whose first appearance was in the animation Silly Symphonies and The wise chicken, the June 9, 1934 (although it is mentioned in a Disney story book from 1931).

The look it had Donald in this animation, created by Dick Lundy is similar to the one he currently owns. The colors are the same, as is the sailor shirt and cap, but his physical appearance was more stretched, his body fatter and his bigger feet. Donald’s personality was not developed yet, in the short, he was only doing the unhelpful friend role. The character’s voice, however (spoken by Clarence Nash), was already present and would remain the same for 51 years old, when Nash passed away. His almost unintelligible manner of speaking clung to the minds of the audience, and aided him in his rise to stardom.

Donald continued to be a hit with the audience. The character began to appear in most Mickey Mouse animations as a regular figure in his group with Minnie, Goofy or Tribilín and Pluto. Cartoons from this period, such as The Concert of the Band of 1935 are acclaimed by experts as exemplary films among the classics of animation.