Who is Elena Morali? photos and videos leaked onlyf

Showgirl, you have a somewhat troubled sentimental past. Some familiar faces of the flirtation include Mario Balotelli, the former historian’s betrayal and “celebrity” and today’s love affair with Nina Morik’s predecessor.

A “miniature” showgirl. Elena Morali, 31, has dreamed of the world of entertainment since she was a child. However, she was born in San Pietro Bridge, a small town in the province of Bergamo, yet she seemed to have to put her ambitions and ambitions aside. She and her parents did not have a truly idyllic relationship, and they certainly did not dream of her future acting career. (The image below, Elena is 12 years old).

However, Elena did not give up, ignored him and moved on. After graduating from high school, she studied at the Liceo Psicopedagógico and occasionally worked as a promoter and hostess.

But when she became an adult, she decided to embark on the path of beauty pageants. Obviously she went against the wishes of her parents. But Elena was not convinced: she participated in Miss Padania and also enrolled in Miss Universe. Her first “victory” on the field was in 2008: she won Miss Cycling. The band itself is not important, it does not matter, but her name began to circulate in important circles.

The entertainment circle began to look at her. The notoriety is definitely tantalizing, and when you hear about auditioning for the new show La Pupa and the Nerdy, you realize your chance is here.

In fact, Elena is very eye-catching here. Of course not because of her limitless culture (let’s avoid reporting some bugs), but at least because of her obvious appeal.

Along with the “nerd” Fulvio De Giovanni, a graduate in computer engineering, she managed to finish second on the podium, behind Francesca Cipriani (pictured below) and Federico Bianchi.

Thanks to this program, the showgirls have become a well-known, recognizable and increasingly popular face in the television world. After gaining popularity on Mediaset radio, she also participated in Matricole and Meteore, and later joined the cast of Piero Chiambretti’s show Chiambretti Night. She followed by Colorado, where she met her ex-boyfriend Gianluca “Scintilla” Fubelli, and then she left L’Isola dei Famsi as a shipwreck, being eliminated two weeks before the final. She spends the last days in Neverland with Paola Di Benedetto and Rosa Perrotta.

Even today, she appears often on television, because she often appears on Barbara d’Urso’s programs, mainly at five in the afternoon, where she plays the role of columnist.

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