Who is Erasmo Viana? Videos and photos leaked

Three months after his marriage to Gabriela Pugliesi ended, influential figure Erasmo Viana confirmed that he would “stay” with the model and former Faustão dancer alongside Érika Schneider.

The speculation began on the afternoon of Sunday 23, when Erasmus published a photo of a puppy exactly like Erika la Domênico. He also said that he opened a question box, but immediately regretted it. He only confirmed that he had good company on Sunday.

On this subject, the model chose not to comment further: “When I have a serious relationship with someone, I would say so. There is no reason to hide. It is normal to meet other people when you are single. For feelings Life speculation will not bother me , because it’s normal for all single public figures. “

Erasmo Viana, Gabriela Pugliesi’s ex, confirms romance with former Faustão dancer

The signs that they will be together began on Sunday (23) and were posted on Instagram. This image shows the influencer of the model’s pet dog, Domenico. The puppy was famous on social media and was quickly recognized by fans.

Later, Erasmo highlighted a post from Erika, in which he posted a sexy and charming photo wearing a bikini and matching a green beach dress. “I’m very lucky,” he declared, scaring the fans. “No, stop. If it’s a couple, it’s so beautiful,” exclaimed a follower. “I have fallen in love with a couple,” the other person melted.

Later in the Stories video, Erika’s mother finally confirmed that her daughter was dating by answering the question of whether she was dating, but she did not name Erasmus. “Why do people want to learn about our love lives? Guys, I’m not dating,” Erica said. “It started,” her mother told him.

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