Who is Gabriella Ellyse? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

A TikTok star has left many people with their jaws wide open after sharing several videos dancing in a “confusing” pair of denim shorts.

Some people describe it as “jeans”, others describe it as “junderwear”, but the tiny shorts of internet celebrities continue to confuse social media users completely. Gabriella Ellyse, who has 3.4 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, attracted more followers after sharing a few videos of herself dancing in shorts. However, this piece of clothing has left many people confused about what they are, including American moms and TikTok user Heather Cole. “Girls can rock. But let’s be honest. What are these?” She added subtitles to the social media star’s reply video.

In the clip, it can be seen that Gabriella is the owner of the sportswear line shopgea.co. She shows off her toned legs in blue denim shorts and dances with her dog. “Well, it’s like real questions, like, what are those?” Heather asked again. “Do they like jeans? Denim shorts, shorts, shorts? Jeans? You make them, do you buy them? “So many questions. I don’t understand.” Heather’s video has been viewed 500,000 times, and hundreds of people are confused by the dress.

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