Who is Gia Kush? and where to see the full video leaked of the earthquake

This Wednesday morning, a great earthquake terrified the Mexicans and a young woman had a special reaction.

This Wednesday morning, a terrible earthquake shook Mexico and caused great fear among citizens. So far, the 7.1 magnitude earthquake has caused only one death: a man was crushed to death by a utility pole.

From the first hour, many people took to social networks to share their experiences in the earthquake. From downed trees and telephone poles to rubble and crumbling buildings, images flood the internet and are closely related to everyone in the world.

This is how a particular video of a girl who decides to live in a natural event in a very special way is known. “If she died, she would die happily, fuck you,” began Gia Kush, an OnlyFans user who provides adult content.

“This is how I experienced the earthquake. He was curled up on the bed. I would go down without wearing thongs, but I live on the seventh floor. I’d better retire. Considering the risk of death, I chose to die happy. “Forgive me,” the girl wrote, clarifying who decided to take refuge in her own house, while she recorded a porn0graph1c video that she shared with her followers on her Twitter.

In the same video, Gia said: “Mom … Mom is shaking, I want to see … She will shake him hard, the bitch that this bastard gave me … Good thing, it’s shockproof. Look .. I have been stressed out. If I had to die, I would die happy.

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