Who is Hayley Vernon? Photos and videos leaked onlyf by Ivan Sarakula

Who is Hayley Vernon? Photos and videos leaked onlyf by Ivan Sarakula

Police are investigating a photo of Hayley Vernon, Married At First Sight’s ex-girlfriend, leaning out of a moving convertible without wearing a seatbelt.

MRandom News Who is Hayley Vernon? Photos and videos leaked onlyf by Ivan Sarakula

As the vehicle traversed a Gold Coast street, she lifted her shirt in the back seat, while her MAFS star colleague Ivan Sarakula sat in the front passenger seat.

In the photos you could not see the driver of the car. Ivan posted these photos on his Instagram account and then quickly deleted them.

A Queensland police spokesman told the Australian Daily Mail that they were aware of the video and were “working to determine the validity of the image.”

The video shows when Ivan yelled, “Haley, Hailey!”

She then she leaned forward and laughed with Ivan.

A Queensland police spokesman said Thursday: “Police are aware of a video clip on social media and are working to determine the authenticity of the image and related personnel.”

Gold Coast real estate agent Joshua Soineva also joined the ranks of reality TV stars, and Ivan tagged him in a separate video earlier that day.

After the video was removed, it was reposted by Instagram regulator Aussie Influencer Opinions.

Queensland law stipulates that the driver and passengers must wear seat belts at all times when the car is moving or stationary, but they do not have to wear seat belts when parking. Driving without a seat belt will result in a three point deduction and a $ 413 fine.

The Australian “Daily Mail” has contacted Hayley, Iwan and Josh for further comment.

Before the photo was published, the three had been to the Koi restaurant in Broadbeach.

Hailey became famous on the reality show “Love at First Sight and Nine Marriage” last year, but recently turned her attention to creating adult content on OnlyF.

She recently stated that she made over $ 600,000 in 12 months, but admitted that she had to start doing hardcore porn to keep her income.

“Unless you’re willing to push the boundaries, it’s hard to get people to pay every month,” she told the gossip website The Wash.

Hayley is now using her income to start a new career as a real estate developer.


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