Who is Johanna Färber? Photos and Close Up Video leaked

Johanna Färber is one of the best climbers. However, at the Moscow World Cup, television cameras did not record sports performance, especially the hip of the Austrian champion. The anger at this is immense.

Johanna Färber already knows. The camera stays at the bottom of the climber for a few seconds. In June, top athletes complained about such television images from the Austrian broadcasting company ORF. However, now, the same thing happened to the Austrian champion at the Moscow World Cup.

In the mid-cut of the bouldering semifinal of the current game, Färber’s hips appeared again in the foreground and in slow motion. There are white handprints on her black pants, obviously used magnesium.

This photographic work has been highly criticized on social media. After the protest, the World Mountaineering Association (IFSC) apologized for these sneaky images. The IFSC condemned that “the human body is becoming an object” and the association promised that “more measures will be taken to prevent this and protect athletes.”

After meeting with the Austrian delegation, IFSC President Marco Maria Scolaris’ statement sounded a bit desperate: “Before we know what is right, do you often have to do the wrong things?” He asked.

Jan Göbel from Tokyo reported that German gymnasts in long suits at the Olympics – this message will survive the competition.

The association announced that it would “apologize to Johanna Färber, the Austrian Rock Climbing Association and the entire sport climbing community for the images played during the bouldering semi-finals.”

Recently, gender discrimination in sports has been the subject of intense debate, especially during the Tokyo Olympics. German gymnasts consciously chose long suits over tight gymnastics suits, which are more like bathing suits. So they established a signal that each athlete should be able to decide how much body to show.

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