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My math has always been bad, so in October 2018 when I realized that I had miscalculated the rate at which I could make $50,000 on my new OnlyF page, it was not too shocking. This is a healthy cash injection for people who grew up in poverty and are accustomed to earning a minimum wage, living on salary, and having little sleep between multiple jobs.

One month, three months are the most important, I thought arrogantly, considering that my audience has about 65,000 Twitter fans, and all the high school boys coveting the thirst trap that I tame.

My idea is that I will put down my underwear and the money will effortlessly be spent on the equipment, research and staff required by Intelexual Media, my unconventional history teaching platform.

I can’t make that much money in three months, let alone a month. It took eight months of bloodshed, sweat, tears, and aggressive marketing-while also being hostile and slandered by my Internet counterparts.

I invest my income in gorgeous underwear, exciting sex toys, better cosmetics, and wigs that are not like the pointed cones on my skull. I need to learn how to properly illuminate the corners of my small 750 square foot studio apartment.

It needs to learn how to edit videos into compelling shots that stand out from the boobs, butts, and hardcore hits on social media. It needs to cultivate high-quality customer service standards for the growing list of subscribers who are curious about the content behind the paywall. But it took much more time to rank in the top 0.5% on OnlyF.

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