Who is Katharine McPhee? Photos and videos leaked onlyfans

Katharine McPhee shared some big news on Instagram today, and she can be seen posing in a brand new bra. The singer collaborated with a brand called Mindd, which was founded by a woman with D+ breasts. This means that bras are specially made for women with heavier breasts like Catherine. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos taken by the photo in the gallery below.

The first direct-to-consumer lingerie company designed for D+ women, today announced a partnership with Katharine McPhee. Katherine has been teasing partnerships in her Instagram stories last week, and now we know what they are doing!In October this year, the two will launch “Katharine McPhee Foster X MIND”, a limited edition capsule series inspired and curated by Katharine.

“I started wearing a MIND bra during pregnancy,” Catherine explained on Instagram today. “Since then, I have been wearing them (along with bodysuits and underwear) almost every day. Over the years, my body must have changed size in various ways, but this bra will change with you. It’s really very Innovation.

I love that these bras make me really feel comfortable, supportive and sexy at the same time.”Check out some photos from Katharine’s MIND photo below, and the full press release for more details.

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