Who is Liana Banks? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

Hey, this is Lianna Banks. I am a multi-platinum singer/songwriter, Billboard Charter and Ascap award winner in New York City. I have a unique and compelling voice that helps artists from many major record companies record their records. I am proficient in a variety of music genres + called “genre bender” by billboards and Red Bull Music.

R&B singer/songwriter Liana Bank$ was born in Queens and has been a music lover since she was a little girl. Long before she wrote songs for Lily Allen and PnB Rock (their “Selfish” created by Bank$ generated more than 13 million views on YouTube in less than four months), Bank$ was an eighth The year-old lyricist tried to attract her little sister to become New York’s answer to the Son of Destiny.

“I tried to make us a girl group because we are about the same age,” she said. “I have been trying to tell them what to do, but they didn’t do it.” However, this did not stop her from doing it herself. In any case, being told “no” was the fuel of her creativity. “If my mother tells me not to do something, I will write a song about it, like [sing]’You can’t tell me what to do’.” She is still talking now, like her released in November last year The first item of Insubordinate is the same.

In the opening track “Worth It”, she recounted some words her mother said to her when she became an adult: “Do what you were told, Lianna/Don’t break the routine, Lianna…you have some dreams , Lianna/But what does that mean, Lianna? / Mine won’t come true, Lianna/ So yours won’t come true, Lianna”. But as the song’s name suggests, all of Bank$’s sacrifices dropping out of college and leaving her Hamburg joint job at the age of 18 to engage in all-weather songwriting are all worthwhile. This is a message to her mother, but this unusual attitude is permeated throughout the video.

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