Who is Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna? Videos and photos leaked

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna are a new couple, they have appeared together in front of the television camera. Very in love, the actors talked on mobile phones in the Morning (eltrece) in Los Angeles, in an oversight they revealed an intimate relationship. It was during his conversation with Maite Peñoñori that Castro slipped away what he affectionately called Vigna.

This is their first note together, and Peñoñori left no questions. “They’re like the first stage. Have you already called it courtship?” I was saddened by the way Flor looked at you. “The chronicler said they both experienced obvious obsessions.

Actor Yiyi responded in this very spontaneous way to the time of their lives “at best”. He added: “The Chinese are a genius, I don’t know, do we call her a courtesan? How do we tell him? He said it in front of reporters. That is why, in his first conversation with the media as a couple, Castro revealed that he had given Vinia the nickname “China”.

At the time, the actors were very cautious about the terminology they used for the bonds. “If not, what do you say?”, He insisted Moviera de eltrece. “I don’t know, the poster came alone, it’s good for me, I like it a lot,” Vinia replied. After Flor and Luciano (she and Nico Occhiato, he and Sabrina Rojas) ended their long-term relationship, their love affair began with The Gym and then a series of meetings.

In this way, they become more important between professional conversations and accidental encounters. As they said in Los Angeles this morning, it was the actors who took the initiative and transferred the spontaneous conversations to the most frequent WhatsApp chats. Finally, he invited her to lunch and she agreed.

“Let’s agree that we want to be discovered. Do you think we come to the gym because we are idiots? To be clear, this is because we want, I hope they know that they did not find us, we want it, “Castell Luo was lost during the conversation with the thirteenth. Winia added:” We know each other, we walked from house to house and we said: ‘Well, Let’s relax, there’s no reason to hide. ‘It’s rarely spoken in public. But we’ve known each other for a while, “said the actress.

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