Who is Madbunni? pack photos and videos leaked onlyf

Madbunni knows that the webcam modeling industry has many assumptions about it, such as the concept of making money easily through this job or any other stronger commandments.

However, he warned that the turnover rate in this industry is very high because it is ignorant for those who do not feel social pressure how to run it profitably.

Precisely, this is his motivation to present his book “The life of a webcam model”, which combines his experience with strategies and inspirations about this work for those who are interested in starting this work.

“The important thing is to take this industry to another level. A person present cannot say, ‘Oh, but I think webcam modeling.’ No, wait, have you read the book on webcam modeling? By them The meaning real There the deal was explained. So the only thing he did was speak with no antecedents, “he said in a conversation with Pulzo.

Madbunni has been dedicated to webcam modeling for 5 years and now she is the Colombian who has raised the most funds through the OnlyFans platform, so she shared some secrets of this work.

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